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Thu 01 Oct 2020

8: METAMORPHOSIS nominated for 'de Zwaan' (the Swan) for most impressive dance production 2020

For the most impressive dance production of 2020, the VSCD dance jury nominates the performance 8: Metamorphosis by Nicole Beutler Projects, a hallucinating and uncompromising performance in which dance and opera form an imaginative unity.

The inescapable changes awaiting the world through shifting power structures and a looming climate crisis are exposed in the two impressive volumes of 8: Metamorphosis.

For this performance, Nicole Beutler and composer Gary Shepherd were inspired by the mathematical transitions in the graphic art of M.C. Escher to put important changes on the agenda. Starting from a straight line, seven men in suits set in motion a chain reaction of dance, voice and sound, interweaving Henry Purcell's aria "The Cold Song" as the main theme.

The consistent reversals that Beutler applies in 8: Metamorphosis are golden. There is an impressive cast of dancing singers and singing dancers. In the two consecutive parts structure is contrasted with anarchy. And the audience is not placed in the hall, but on the stage. The first tide of doom is cautiously announced when the percussionist, with his back to the audience, plays a threatening prologue. Later during the performance, his drum kit will completely fall apart. Smoke fumes rise and the audience looks into the vast emptiness of the theater hall. Perhaps hopeful is the polar bear that emerges from the white mist. Or is it the last one on Earth?

As such, the performance is firmly based on unforgetable images. The scenography, dance and song in 8: Metamorphosis are captured in a tight dramaturgy. The power of this impressive spectacle lies in its abstraction.

Due to the Corona crisis, the Association of Theater and Concertgebouw Directors (VSCD) will not be awarding dance prizes this year, but the Dance Jury will announce its nominations for the 2019/2020 season during the Evening of Dutch Dance on Thursday 1 October. The presentation of the prizes will be postponed to next year, whereby the jury will consider the performances over two seasons in its considerations and choices.

Also nominated are: Die Trying (Alida Dors / Backbone Foundation) and Memory Loss (Ann Van den Broek / WArd Foundation / waRD).

Mon 08 Feb 2021

Climate change and activism

What can you do?

In this programme you can find the Dutch translations of the texts in the piece OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE. And if you want to learn more about climate change and take action yourself after seeing the piece, this will get you started!


Everyday activism: download our PANIC! template to iron onto clothes, banners or face masks!


Genevieve Murphy: I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own

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