A BOEK ABOUT OUR WORK, to be expected in February 2021

10 years Nicole Beutler Projects

This year, Nicole Beutler Projects celebrates it's ten year anniversary. In honor of this anniversary year we are creating a retrospective book. Ten years of visual arts for the theater with reflections on the themes, methods and sources of inspiration of Nicole Beutler. An oeuvre book. An anniversary book. An art book.

Send a message to naomi@nbprojects.nl for more information about the pre-order or donation.

10 years Nicole Beutler Projects, TIME FOR A BOOK!

This year Nicole Beutler is turning 50, her company has been around for ten years and she has been in the business for twenty years. In honor of this jubilee year, we are making an overview book that exhibits and explains the work of this visual theater maker. We take you into the world of Nicole Beutler, her motivation, method and sources of inspiration. A rich wealth of background material and beautiful photos offer a kaleidoscopic reflection on her work and thinking. Reflections and interviews place the oeuvre in time. A look behind the scenes of a visual artist with a revolutionary view of the composition of movement, sound and image in a theater setting.

For the realization of the book we need your help to contribute to the printing costs of this art book!

With your help we ensure that this book will look perfect, so that it will be a true addition to your bookcase. You help us by pre-ordering the book or donating! For your donation, we will of course thank you extensively through all kinds of nice services.