Chunky Move: The role of the spectator

Chunky Move & Melbourne Festival

This creative laboratory focuses on ‘the role of the spectator’ as co-creator of the narrative or reading of the work:

How can we communicate to an audience exactly that which we want to communicate? What ingredients do we use to tell our story? How articulate can we be in sharing our content and concerns?

A versatile artist who works across multiple disciplines, including dance, theatre, puppetry and contemporary music, Nicole also has extensive experience as a curator and facilitator. Her visit to Melbourne offers a unique opportunity for makers from all disciplines to come together to reflect on their own work.

Nicole invites makers to share and sharpen aspects of their practice by making, reworking, recycling and upcycling their own, and potentially each other’s, performance material. Alongside each day of studio based practice, participants will together view performances at Melbourne Festival in the evening which will provide further context for the laboratory.