24, 25 & 26 January 2019

On 24, 25 and 26 January 2019, Theater Frascati will be hosting the fourth edition of the dance and performance event COME TOGETHER. Three days long fifty artists will be showing their work in all the spaces and interspaces of the theatre in Amsterdam. COME TOGETHER is a manifesto and a celebration of the many innovative and contemporary makers that Amsterdam harbours and at the same time it's a clarion call to the broader Amsterdam arts field to come together and work together. Performance makers from different generations and backgrounds convene to share insights, develop thought, meet colleagues and present their ideas to the public. A 'work in progress', an interdisciplinary dance piece, a multi-media lecture, a work session, an artistic manifesto on the bar, or a performance in print: during COME TOGETHER, the makers and the audience alike get a chance to discover and experience performance works in all their facets, disciplines and stages of development within a single context.

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Curatorial team: Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi, Eva Vilanueva(BAU), Eva Susova (Jacuzzi), Riccardo Guratti(NeverLike), Justa Ter Haar (Nicole Beutler Projects)

Production: Nicole Beutler Projects i.s.m. Keren Levi | NeverLike, BAU, Frascati Producties, Jacuzzi.

Producers: Justa Ter Haar, Riccardo Guratti, Marije Evers

Publicity:Naomi Wallenburg, Mayke Klomp

Technicians: Martin Kaffarnik, Manuel Boutreur, Ramses van den Hurk, Wijnand Moeken, Sanne Hensen, Krzysztos Burdzy

Floor Producers: Angela van Kalsbeek, Naomi Wallenburg, Floor Cremers, Bibi Scholten van Aschat

With the support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Veem House for Performance, ICK Amsterdam, Plantage Dok, LeineRoebana

Graphic design: Connie Nijman


CHRONOS: The sea is where you think it is Noah Voelker: Who Wants To Meet a Real God Damn American? Nicole Beutler: A first glance at METAMORPHOSIS Isadora Tomasi & Moa Holgersson: YOU TELL ME Esther Mugambi & Marloeke van der Vlugt: Podcast for Introverts Sherise Strang: I’d had enough so I killed him Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti: Kiosk of the Noble Savage Julie Kurris & Luca Wiegerink: In Dorso Pedro Matias & Guests: Babe, the SPACE remaining is yet-to-be (come) fluffed Eglè Budvytyté: Incantation Karaoke Dereck Cayla & Pierre Bessette: Immersion Hee-Seung Choi: OBJECTS, A USER’S MANUAL Katinka Marac: THE MOST ARTIFICIAL THING Zhana Ivanova: Counterpoint [B] Nina Boas: Psychokinesis For A New World Charlie Laban Trier & Beck Heiberg: Digging a Glittery Grave Oneka von Schrader: Cephalgia Tommy Pham: Altering Ego Jimmy Grima: SONG OF A BIRD: THE CHOIR Emma Berentsen: When I grow up I want to be a baby monkey Billy Mullaney: SEMESTER Fire Drill: Consequences Have Consequences Directie&Co: Life is short. Buy that dress. NOW: BLINK Alondra Castellanos Arreola: Siblings Dance Felix Schellekens: Making Spells Margo van de Linde: Me & the Beguines: 3 Scenes Joâo Dinis Pinho & Jochem Naafs: Blank Whispers Michael Jahoda: The Phillip Project Andreas Hannes & Paulina Prokop: CLOUD COLLISION: A meta-skip in 8 rehearsals Assi Weitz & Rob Gradisen: To the power of Three Eva Šusová & Angelo Custodio: Tempo~orale Burkhard Körner: VOCAL OBJECTS Javier Murugarren: Pasionaria Sandra Kramerová: About dance, fireflies, and the end of the world as we know it (excerpts) Tea Teearu: Channel of your peace Tamara Kuselman: All (sucks in sharp breath), Right (ragged sigh) Parisa Madani: THE FUTURE IS SHEMXLE Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana: Enjambre Genevieve Murphy: The One I Feed (text excerpt) Ira Brands: An Invitation A Fight Ana Vilela da Costa: Family Album Fernando Belfiore: The FOUNTAIN Noha Ramadan: O-O (Orchestral score One) Orion Maxted: Competing Systems Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj & Minna Tiikkainen: AFTERIMAGE Christina Mastori & Penelope Morout: T.E.P. Andrea Božić | TILT: A Card Game Paul Beumer: Does it have a story?

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Frascati Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
Frascati Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
Frascati Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)