a three day performance gathering with artists from Amsterdam

Thursday 5 - Saturday 7 March 2020
Frascati Amsterdam

During the fifth edition of the dance and performance gathering COME TOGETHER, over 40 artists present their artistic research. Dance, mime and performance makers from different generations and backgrounds convene to share their insights, develop ideas and present their latest experiments to each other and the audience. COME TOGETHER is a manifesto and a celebration of the many innovative and contemporary makers that Amsterdam harbours. A clarion call to the broader Amsterdam arts field to join forces and collaborate.

Dance pieces, lecture performances, 1-on-1-happenings and video installations: COME TOGETHER takes place in all the spaces and interspaces of the Frascati theatre. The festival provides space for experimentation and new ways of presenting art. There are palm readers (Janneke Raaphorst) and Economic Tarot Readings (Noah Voelker). Participate in a drawing experiment by How To Draw a Pony or join one of the ‘social role playing games’ by Áron Birtalan. LIPS&KNOBEL’s Rage Room is the place where you can let yourself go completely. And for the necessary relaxation you can join one of the Healing Spa Happenings by Nina Boas &Arlette van Laar or the collective meditation by Tea Teearu. View the full programme and timeteble at

COME TOGETHER was first initiated by Nicole Beutler, Andrea Božić and Keren Levi in 2014, when they presented their work alongside each other. Since that time the gathering grew into widely supported event hosting 40 to 50 Amsterdam based makers of contemporary and innovative dance, performance, visual art and mime. This fifth edition is a collaboration of Nicole Beutler Projects, Frascati, Keren Levi | NeverLike en BAU Platform for Dans and Performance. For the first time COME TOGETHER invited a group of six makers and curators - João Dinis Pinho, Floor van Leeuwen, Fernando Belfiore, Elke Decoker, Ira Brand and Isadora Tomasi - to make a selection out of the 144 proposals that were submitted in response to an open call. They have curated a programme that represents the diverse and rich profile of the Amsterdam dance and performance scene.

Participants COME TOGETHER #5

Anna Fries
Antonia Steffens
Antrianna Moutoula
Áron Birtalan
Branka Zgonjanin
Clara Saito
DAY collective
Emilie Gallier
How to draw a Pony
Igor Dobričić
Janneke Raaphorst
João Dinis Pinho & Claire Hermans
Katinka Marac
Klára Alexová
Leila Gray - Cloud Cuckoo Land Productions
Lily Kiara
Mami Kang & Juan Pablo Cámara
Masha Zhukova and Liza Zhukova
MC Mustaj
Milou van Duijnhoven
Monica Mays with David Ko
Nahuel Cano
Nikita Maheshwary
Nina Boas &Arlette van Laar
Noah Voelker
Paula Montecinos Oliva
Pedro Manuel
Piotr Urbaniec
Rebecca Collins
Richard John Jones
Sara Daniel
When we were stars (Weitz / Murugarren)
Susanna Brenner
Tea Teearu
Terra Kota
Vera & Fransien


Artistic directors: Eva Villanueva, Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi
Programma curators: João Dinis Pinho, Floor van Leeuwen, Fernando Belfiore, Elke Decoker, Ira Brand and Isadora Tomasi
Programme coordinator: Justa ter Haar
Production team: Floor Cremers, Vera Andeweg, Angela van Kalsbeek, Sabine Oldenburg
Technical coordinator: Martin Kaffarnik
Technical team: Ramses van den Hurk, Sanne Hensen, Rik van der Veen
Publicity: Naomi Wallenburg, Mayke Klomp
Business manager: Sanne Boersma
Graphic design: Connie Nijman

Production: Nicole Beutler Projects, Frascati, Keren Levi | NeverLike en BAU Platform for Dance and Performance

With the support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Veem House for Performance, LeineRoebana, ICKamsterdam, Belcampo, Workspace Brussels.

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Frascati Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
Frascati Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
Frascati Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)