COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast

A festival of similarities and differences / 2014

the festival

The three Amsterdam-based choreographers and directors Nicole Beutler, Andrea Božić and Keren Levi have joined forces for the interdisciplinary festival COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast on 15, 16 and 17 May 2014. This will be the first time these nationally and internationally renowned directors present their work together. The three-day festival will be held in Amsterdam, at Frascati theatre and De Brakke Grond Flemish cultural centre.

COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast offers audiences a unique opportunity to experience multiple performances in a single context. In the space between the three performances – their similarities, shared fascinations and differences in approach – a fourth performance will come into being, a Zeitgeist performance that spectators will discover for themselves.

Besides performances of ‘Intergalactic (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary)’ by Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda and Julia Willms | Tilt, ‘The Dry Piece’ by Keren Levi, and ‘4: STILL LIFE’ by Nicole Beutler, the festival will also include conversations, the ‘A World’ installation, talks, a concert by the band No|me, and a party with DJ Alec Smart. Please check below, our websites and Frascati for the evening program.

The Program

15 MAY
20.00 4: STILL LIFE (Frascati 1)
21.30 INTERGALACTIC (Expozaal/De Brakke Grond)
23.00 PAPER ENSEMBLE #9 (Frascati 3)

16 MAY
19.00 Kijken Dat Je Kijk (Introduction by Andrea Božić, Frascati 3)
20.00 INTERGALACTIC (Expozaal/De Brakke Grond)
21.30 THE DRY PIECE (Frascati 1)
23.00 DJ ALEC SMART (Frascati 3)

17 MAY
18.00 Conversation with the makers and Marijke Hoogenboom
20.00 THE DRY PIECE (Frascati 1)
21.30 4: STILL LIFE (Frascati 1)
23.00 NO | ME concert (Frascati 3)

Continuous Program
A WORLD / Installation by Andrea Božić and Julia Wilms | Tilt (Frascati 3)
THE SMALLEST SOUND AT THE BIGGEST DISTANCE / part of the INTERGALACTIC PROJECT by Andrea Božić, Julia Wilms and Robert Pravda

THE DRY PIECE is a Keren Levi / NeverLike production, co-produced with Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht (NL); Grand Theatre, Groningen (NL); Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster (DE); and Forum Freies Theatre, Düsseldorf (DE). Made with the support of Centro per la Scena Contemporanea in Bassano del Grappa (IT); WP Zimmer, Antwerp (BE); and Tanzquartier, Vienna (AU). Project funding provided by the Performing Arts Fund, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, and the municipality of Utrecht.

4: STILL LIFE is a Nicole Beutler / NBprojects and Theater Malpertuis production. Made with the support of fabrik Potsdam, co-produced by NBprojects and Theater Malpertuis. 4: STILL LIFE was made possible in part by Vlaamse gemeenschap, the municipality of Tielt, and SNS REAAL Fonds. NBprojects receives regular funding from the Performing Arts Fund and the municipality of Amsterdam.

INTERGALACTIC (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary) Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda, Julia Willms/ Tilt is co-produced by WEB (Frascati, wp Zimmer, Vooruit, Le Vivat) and the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK) with the support of DasArts and NBprojects. It was made possible in part by financial contributions from the Performing Arts Fund, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts Fund and SNS REAAL Fonds.


Keren Levi I NeverLike

‘The Dry Piece’ explores and examines the dysfunctional relationship between the beauty ideal and contemporary female identity. Levi reveals the space between beauty and art, between glamour and work.
‘Aesthetic, erotic and, above all, utterly human.’ (Dioraphte Award 2013).
Concept and choreography
Keren Levi
Dancers and choreography
Mari Matre Larsen, Eva Susova, Alma Sua Lindenhovius, Karin Frankel
Tom Parkinson
Minna Tiikkainen
Assi Weitz


Nicole Beutler / NBprojects and Theater Malpertuis

4: STILL LIFE is a court dance, a mating dance, a play, a Lichtspiel, and a ritual. Beutler was inspired by the early 20th century Bauhaus art movement to create ‘mechanical ballet’.
‘Tautly timed, dazzlingly intelligent, and superbly designed.’ (Trouw)
Concept and choreography
Nicole Beutler
Creation and performance
Marjolein Vogels, Benjamin Kahn
Second cast
Marlinde Vos, Maurizio Giunti

INTERGALACTIC (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary)

Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda, Julia Willms | Tilt

‘We’ve had enough of living in pigeonholes. It’s time to start again. In “Intergalactic” we build a world within a world and lead the audience through the space – without them ever having to leave their seats.’
‘A fine example of literally thinking out of the box.’ (Trouw)
Concept, text and visual spatial design
Andrea Božić, Julia Willms
Andrea Božić
Concept and sound
Robert Pravda

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