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A child’s view on an (im)mature world

For this edition of Frascati issues, during which 90 children take over Frascati for five days, Nicole is creating a performance with her daughter Sophie Shepherd and Laila Roth about young girls in rebellion.

In a world that is becoming bigger, more complex and more threatening by the day, Frascati gives, for a week, centre stage to children’s point of view. In shows, performances and a real court case, they present the audience with a mirror, and show their view on the world. Because it is high time to see life from a new perspective. Because they might know better.

Frascati issues zooms in upon burning societal issues. Through shows, performances, debates and everything in between, we offer a different view on the world of today. Every edition has a different focus and a new perspective.

This edition work will be presented by, besides Nicole, Milo Rau (CH/BE), Alexandra Broeder, Mara van Vlijmen & Vincent Rietveld (De Warme Winkel), Theater Artemis, Britt Hatzius (UK), Emke Idema, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Barnaby Savage & Annica Muller and others.


9 until 11 Feb 8PM
11 Feb 5PM


More info:

by and with: Laila Roth & Sophie Luca Shepherd direction: Nicole Beutler music: Gary Shepherd & Queen hats: Karoline Fleumer photos: Jean van Lingen courtesy of: Justa Ter Haar, Anna Henderson, Benjamin Roth & Yonna Roth