Frascatisessies - Nicole Beutler

A research on musical theatre - open presentation Friday 18 September at 4 p.m.

As a production house, Frascati has a tradition which not only has the production and presentation of theatre at its heart, but also recognizes reflection as an essential element of artistic practice. Reflection – the moment theory and practice come together – transcends the intimate process of creating an artistic work. It brings inspiration, but also creates space for the placement of critical analysis of your own work within a broader context (professional, cultural and social). After all, today’s theatre belongs at the heart of society and can retain its value if performance artists are actively engaged with the environments in which their work is created. The starting point for the Frascati session is simple: a group of 8 to 12 (mostly young) artists will work for a period of (in principle) two weeks together with an appealing artist from the world of theatre or dance. Previous guests have included Nicholas Stemann, Johan Simons, Bianca van der Schoot & Suzan Boogaerdt, Emio Greco & Pieter C. Scholten, Anatoli Vassiliev, Rabih Mroué, Lotte van den Berg & Jetse Batelaan, Gerardjan Rijnders, Alvis Hermanis, Jerome Bell and Forced Entertainment. Exchange is key: the sessions are more a meeting with the thought processes and working methods of an experienced artist than a workshop or masterclass. And vice versa, the session leader is inspired by a new generation of artists, representing a cross-section of circuits and disciplines.

More and more often, music plays a major role in Nicole Beutler’s work. In this session, she intends, along with the participants, to investigate musical theatre in the broadest possible sense. From singing dancers/performers to dancing/performing musicians. From electrically recorded music to making music together, live. A text choir and a moving choir. Text as music and as movement. Dance as musical composition and musical composition as movement. After all, the content of a production is the result of the bringing together of the various ingredients, and Nicole’s work is interdisciplinary by nature. This is why she has invited people from various different disciplines to work alongside and with one another, and to study the music within the context of the theatre space. We will also be inviting a number of inspirational guests to take part.

Practical The sessions will run from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 and from Monday 14 to Friday 18 September 2015. On these dates, work will take place in Frascati from approx. 10 am to 3 pm. Evenings and weekends are free, although assignments for further, independent work will be given. On Friday evening, 18 September, the session will close with a public presentation in Frascati 4. The concrete starting point will be the thought and working practices of Nicole Beutler; the theme chosen is musical theatre, along with the topics introduced by the guest speakers. In addition, it is expressly intended that participants will also contribute material on which to work. The language of the session is English. A €50 contribution to the cost of the session will be charged.

Who can take part: musicians, dancers, singers, actors, directors, dramaturges, choreographers, filmmakers, as well as anyone interested in obtaining greater insight into the subject. Send a brief letter of motivation and your CV to before 20 August 2015. We will then select a diverse group. After 25 August, we will send a concrete question out to the participants, so everyone will have the opportunity to make concrete preparations.

Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 Sep
Monday 14 to Friday 18 Sep

Open presentation Friday 18 Sep at 4 p.m.

Sign up before 20 Aug 2015: send a brief letter of motivation and your CV to