For everyone with some movement experience

Since 2001 Nicole and a group of dancers and movers are training Kalarippayat, one of the most ancient martial arts in the world still practised in India. NBprojects has decided to support this training and to open it up for dancers, mimers, theatre-people and other movement practicioners who want to meet and challenge their limits, get energy and stay fit, physically and mentally. With the regular training of Kalarippayat one develops stamina, flexibility, strength, co-ordination, a flowing movement throughout the whole body, heightened awareness and self-discipline. We train under the guidance of Djahan Manuela Mazhari and Anna Staedler, and once or twice a year our master Shyne, who is based in Paris, gives a workshop to update our knowledge on Kalarippayat.

The training involves breathing exercises, dynamic yoga, series of different high kicks, animal postures, sequences combining kicks, animals, jumps with locks and throws, salutation rituals, and the mastering of different routines and sequences with weapons: long stick, short stick, curved stick and more.

Come and join – all we ask is a minimal contribution!

Studio Singel, Amsterdam

Crea, Amsterdam
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(Begginers- please contact us first)

For more info please contact:
Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez