NBcollection: Workshop Ballroom Dancing

A peek into the world of partner dancing 25 April during NBcollection

During the mini festival NBcollection - in which choreographer Nicole Beutler shows six of her dance pieces - you will also get to dance yourself. On Saturday April 25th the inimitable dance teacher Hans Vos will give you a taste of different styles within the partner dancing genre; from the classical waltz to the simple quickstep. Let your hand gently rest on a hip, throw your partner over one shoulder or sensually spin around each other like the male and female of an unknown species.

With NBcollection choreographer Nicole Beutler presents six dance performances she made in the past five years. In two of her performances, different styles of partner dancing were an important source of inspiration. As part of the creative process there was a previous workshop with Hans Vos, in which twenty professional modern dancers learned the basics of the waltz, cha cha, foxtrot and boogie. Nicole eventually distilled the essence of these different styles and incorporated them into two dance pieces, both to be seen during NBcollection; 4: STILL LIFE (April 24) and ONE ON ONE (April 25).

Everyone can participate: dancers, actors, amateurs and enthusiasts! You can sign up with or without a dance partner. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes.

More info:

Saturday, April 25
16:30 to 18:30
Price: 5 euros
Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam

Sign up by emailing naomi@nbprojects.nl

Workshop + food + 2 performances for only 27 euros

After the workshop you get a delicious plate of food at Frascati cafe, after that visit the show PIECE at 20:30 followed by ONE ON ONE at 22:00, in which you can discover how Nicole Beutler incorporated different ballroom moves in a performance.