Nicole Beutler Collection

10 years - 6 dance pieces

15-18 November 2019

Over four days we present six different Nicole Beutler performances at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam and Theater Frascati. For the first time, the big-stage Bauhaus trilogy 5: ECHO, 6: THE SQUARE and 7: TRIPLE MOON will be performed back to back. Also on the programme are the established Beutler classics 1: SONGS and 3: THE GARDEN. And a newly-premiered remake of the exact position of things (2005) will run throughout the Nicole Beutler Collection week.

The performances in the collection are the calling cards of Nicole and her regular team: composer Gary Shepherd, lighting artist Minna Tiikkainen, costume designer Jessica Helbach and dancers Marjolein Vogels, Hillary Blake Firestone and Christian Guerematchi. Nicole finds new collaborators for each project, but this inner circle has been with her for many years.

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Nicole Beutler makes genre-spanning performances in which dance, music, theatre and fine art blend to produce unique artworks. After ten intensive years, once again the time has come for a retrospective. In the Nicole Beutler Collection mini-festival, we bring together pieces that interrelate in terms of form and content. Whether in the form of dance, fine art or a pop concert, Beutler’s work bears the distinctive signature she has developed over the years in close collaboration with her regular team. The underlying strength of her performances lies in their recurring themes such as ‘the individual voice’ versus ‘the collective body’, combined with a sense of musicality and subtle humour.

Programme Nicole Beutler Collection:

FRI 15 Nov ’19 | Frascati
19:30 / the exact position of things
** 21:00 / 3: THE GARDEN**

SAT 16 Nov ’19 | Frascati
19:30 / the exact position of things
21:00 / 1: SONGS

SUN 17 Nov ’19 | Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
19:00 / 5: ECHO
21:15 / 6: THE SQUARE

MON 18 Nov ’19 | Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
20:00 / 7: TRIPLE MOON

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Before and after the performances you can immerse yourself in the world of Nicole Beutler. There are aftertalks, a mini exhibition, pop-up performances, an NB book market and of course afterparties by DJ Streamer.

Nicole Beutler Collection stack discount:
If you order for multiple shows from the Nicole Beutler Collection, you will receive a stack discount:

More than 1 show at Frascati: Select the discount option ‘NB Combi Korting’ from the Frascati webshop, or enquire at the box office, for a €3,50 discount per ticket.

More than 1 show at ITA: A stack discount of €8 discount per ticket on the first rank / €6 discount per ticket on the second rank will automatically be processed in the ITA webshop, or enquire at the box office.

Combine a show at Frascati with a show in ITA? By showing the Frascati ticket at the ITA Box Office you can benefit from the ITA-stack discount of €8 (first rank) / €6 (second rank).

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