Polyphonic Songs 2020

16 - 25 Jan 2020 @Veem House

Veem House for Performance invites back and extends on Polyphonic Songs, a collaborative program with BAU Dance & Performance Amsterdam, Keren Levi | NeverLike, Nicole Beutler Projects, Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot & Veem House for Performance which began in 2018.

Combining works in progress alongside established works, Polyphonic Songs locates inspiration in conversation and discoveries amongst new and familiar voices. This 10-day program embodies on-going dialogue concerning the development of the Amsterdam dance, mime and performance field.

Please come, join and discover Polyphonic songs together with us January 16 - 25!

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Programme Polyphonic Songs
Sat 18 Jan

16:30 Doors
17:00 - 18:00 BAU Open Meeting for independent artists and professionals

Presentation BAU initiatives 2021-2024 and gathering.
Register: info@bau.amsterdam

18:00 Doors
18:30 Veem Dinner #3

Cook and eat together with artists and neighbours while engaging with one of the thematic lines of the Veem 10X10.
Price: €5
Register here

20:00 Double Bill: Film Otherland presented by Keren Levi & The re-invention of Ellen Edinoff by Nicole Beutler Projects

Otherland: Vogue dancer Elvin Alejandro performs at a Voodoo Carnival Ball, where he has to prove himself to be accepted by the local ballroom community. He remembers growing up on Sint Maarten and the changes he has been through since.

The Re-invention of Ellen Edinoff: A tribute to the radical, performative work of Ellen Edinoff and her partner Koert Stuyf who in the 1970’s completely blew up dance conventions in the Netherlands. A solo by Hillary Blake Firestone from Beutler's piece 5: ECHO.

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