Antonia Steffens: An attendee

from: Fransien van der Putt, Theaterkrant, 30 november 2020

The open workplace concept of Come Together #3

from: Theaterkrant

Last week the third edition of Come Together, a three-day initiative of the Amsterdam-based choreographers Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi and Andrea Božić, took place in Theater Frascati. Artists from the capital could enlist to contribute. They were encouraged to especially present new ideas in short performances.

Whereas their own work was at the centre of the first two editions of this small festival, the three ladies now, encouraged by partners in the city, opened the doors for the...


A refreshing approach that keeps you alert

from: Blog

"(...)If it is up to me Come Together takes place again next year. It is a broad festival in which different disciplines look for the borders. Not pure dance, not mere music, not just theatre, but performances on the border of the disciplines. A refreshing approach that keeps you alert."


Community building in Amsterdam ***

from: De Theaterkrant 28/11-2015

from: NRC Handelsblad 13/8/2015

Theatrefestival de Parade, a group of one-day-nomads that settles down here and there in the summer, has such a nice ambience that a part of the audience doesn't even see the inside of one of the theatre tents. But they are mistaking.

You are allowed to play it safe, but for the real festival kick I have to take a chance and leap Into the Big Unknown. I find myself in a non ventilated tent. I hold my breath, I feel (they begin pantomiming a badminton match) like I am being...


from: Dans Magazine 16/12/2014