Score as Compositional Strategy


In collaboration with Frascati and NBprojects, choreographer Hillary Blake Firestone and curator Inge Koks have initiated a research project around the topic Scores as Compositional Strategy.
Beginning from late March, events include: a discussion with choreographer and author Jonathon Burrows preceding his performances in Frascati, a 3-day workshop guided by composer and performer Matteo Fargion, an ongoing work group of participant artists, meeting once weekly for six weeks in June/July, to share practices and exchange ideas about scores and the role scoring plays in artistic work. Finally, during WE LIVE HERE 2013 (8-13 July) we dive further into the theme in work-sessions with related artists and thinkers, wherein we are posing the question: How do we compose now? What role plays Score versus Intuitive Composition.

We welcome a diverse group of artist participants for both the workshops and working group: dancers, choreographers, visual artists, musicians, and theater scientists, who represent a diversity of score-related practice.

Do you need more information or are you interested to participate?
Please send a short motivation and bio to

OPEN FOR dancers / choreographers / visual artists / musicians and others!

Talk with Jonathan Burrows
MARCH 28, Frascati, 16:00

Workshop with Matteo Fargion
MAY 3-5, Frascati WG

Sunday workgroup
JUNE 2 - JULY 7, Frascati WG, 12:00-17:00

Workshop during WE LIVE HERE
JULY 8 - 13, Frascati WG