Talk BECOMING ANIMAL by Flo Fitzgerald-Allsopp ihkv 8: Metamorphosis

Monday 15th april 17:00 - 19:00 BAU Studio

Leading up to the premiere of our new performance 8: METAMORPHOSIS we invited Flo Fitzgerald-Allsopp (master student dramaturgy) to share her research about woman becoming animal in contemporary performance art, and how this metamorphosis of woman and animal can be understood as a feminist act. Although her research concerns woman - instead of men which is the focus in 8: METAMORPHOSIS - it definitely connects with our thinking beyond binary systems, and in terms of evolution and revolution her research advocates for "taking the animal seriously" both in feminist thinking and ecological thinking.

Public Lecture Monday 15 April 17:00 -19:00 BAU Studio's Entrepotdok 4 1018 AD Amsterdam Free entrance Language: English

On the 18t of April we are organizing a second talk on the themes surrounding 8: METAMORPHOSIS. In the Salon of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, mathematician and visual artist Rinus Roelofs will talk about how mathematical structures can help us understand process of change within society. Also in English. Read more and get tickets.

8: METAMORPHOSIS is a dance performance as well a a contemporary opera about embracing the changes to come. Climate change and shifting power dynamics being the most urgent topics. Will they come in a gradual process or as a series of painful shocks? Performance dates: 18 May at Internatonaal Theater Amsterdam, 20 and 21 May at Operadagen Rotterdam. Read more.

More info about Flo: Flo Fitzgerald-Allsopp is a multidisciplinary creative producer from the UK with a background in the visual arts. She is currently studying the Masters programme Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy at Utrecht University. Her current research interest lies in performance art that explores the transformative relationship between human and animal. Combining performance theory with philosophy and feminist theory she is currently writing her MA thesis on women becoming-animal in contemporary performance art, hoping to cultivate an empowered understanding of the phenomenon.

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Talk BECOMING ANIMAL by Flo Fitzgerald-Allsopp ihkv 8: Metamorphosis
BAU Studio's BAU Studio's, Amsterdam(NL)