Tue 11 Oct 2016

COME TOGETHER #3 - open call

18-20 January at Frascati

From January 18 till 20, we are organising the third edition of Come Together at Frascati Amsterdam. For the first edition in 2014, we showed our works alongside each other to show and discuss similarity and difference. For the second edition in 2015 we opened up the festival to a broader scene of Amsterdam performance makers from different disciplines like dance, music and art.

For this third edition, we are inviting 50 performance makers to take part in a three day festival at Frascati Amsterdam.

Choreographers, musicians, artists, dramaturgs: you are all very welcome. Let's come together and exchange knowledge, develop new formats, meet colleagues, present ideas, test theories and brainstorm with the audience. Use this space and time to explore or present something you might not otherwise be able to do.

If you are interested in taking part, contact cometogether@nbprojects.nl for more information and a application form.

COME TOGETHER is een initiatief van Keren Levi, Andrea Bozic en Nicole Beutler, wordt geproduceerd door NBprojects, Frascati, Neverlike, BAU in samenwerking met TILT en Veem House Voor Performance.