Sun 25 Sep 2016


Did you know that...

The square isn't found in nature? It's a man-made shape.

Tetrafobia, the fear of the number 4, is particularly prevalent in East Asia, where the pronunciation of the word for 'four' sounds very similar to the word for 'death'?

The populist texts in the performance are fragments from political speeches by, among others, Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen?

Square Dance has its roots in Scottish folk dance and was once danced only by men, and that it wasn't declared a national folk dance in the US until 1982?

The number 4 is the number representing order and stability? 4 seasons, 4 winds, 4 elements.
There are 158 squares to be seen in 6: THE SQUARE?

The music was composed specially for the performance by Gary Shepherd/DJ Streamer, known also for his Big Night Out evenings in Paradiso?

6: THE SQUARE is the second part of Nicole Beutler's Bauhaus trilogy about the basic geometric shapes of circle, square and triangle?

International Square Dance day is on November 29th every year?