Wed 12 Sep 2018

4: STILL LIFE at Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala

The Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala (Dutch Dance Days) on October 12th 2018 in Maastricht, is the night where the most important Dutch dance prizes will be awarded. On this festive night, dancers, choreographers and their audiences celebrate the accomplishments of Dutch dance. And there is more. In a diverse programme six leading dance companies will give a taste of the performances that they will be touring this season. Nicole Beutler Projects presents a fragment of 4: STILL LIFE that will be in theatres April 2019.

In 4: STILL LIFE Nicole Beutler goes back to basics. She immersed herself in the history of dance and distilled the essential building blocks of the dance duet between man and woman. We see mating rituals, leaders and the led, fusion and fighting, distance and intimacy. Beutler combines them all with the precise geometry of Bauhaus. Circles, squares and triangles shape a unique ‘dance of space’, a courtly dance, a mating dance, a ritual and a ‘Lichtspiel’.

‘4: STILL LIFE is nothing but contradiction. Between times and styles, expectations and reality. (...) Exceptional.’ - de Volkskrant****

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