Fri 30 Nov 2018

From 3 January Annet Malherbe takes over the part of Maureen Teeuwen in LIEFDESVERKLARING (voor altijd)

From 3 January 2019 Annet Malherbe takes over the role of Maureen Teeuwen in LIEFDESVERKLARING (voor altijd) of Nicole Beutler Projects, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Rudolphi Producties. Malherbe will be on stage next to actors Cas Enklaar, René van 't Hof and Marien Jongewaard. In LIEFDESVERKLARING (voor altijd) the established actors take a closer look at their relationship with the audience and conclude that it is true love. Alternately hilarious and deadly serious, they, led by director Nicole Beutler and playwright Magne van den Berg, pay tribute to the viewer: "You are of vital importance to us because you are there." LIEFDESVERKLARING (voor altijd) premiered on 7 November 2018 at Theaters Tilburg and is still touring the country until January 26, 2019.

** Annet Malherbe **
Annet Malherbe (1957) is an actress and singer and followed her education at the Amsterdam Theater School. Among the general public, she is best known for her role in Debiteuren/ Crediteuren and her role as Willemijn Lodewijkx from Gooische Vrouwen. From the beginning of the 80's she is on stage and she has played with, among others, Toneelgroep Baal (Leedvermaak, De Scheiding van Figaro, Het belang van Ernst) and Orkater (Leonce and Lena, De Ivanovs, Ontvangt u mij?, Chesterfield). Malherbe is married to actor and director Alex van Warmerdam and in the majority of his films she plays a leading role (Abel, De Noorderlingen, De Jurk, Kleine Teun, Borgman, Grimm, De laatste dagen van Emma Blank). In addition, Malherbe plays in the performances Van Warmerdam makes with his company De Mexicaanse Hond (Onnozele Kinderen, Kleine Teun, Adel Blank, Welkom in het Bos, De Verschrikkelijke Moeder). For her role in Kleine Teun she was nominated for the European Film Award as best European actress. Malherbe was nominated three times for a Gouden Kalf.

Photo: (c) ANP