Mon 03 Aug 2020

Support for our plans

Four year funding for Nicole Beutler Projects

What amazing news in the heat of the summer: Both the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts and the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts are supporting our plans for the coming four years! We are extremely thankful and happy! We are thankful for the trust and confidence of the committees and their positive feedback. The red thread of the coming years is RITUALS OF TRANSFORMATION - now the world is changing more than we could have foreseen. The future of theatre is so very uncertain. Everything changes. Always. But now even more - and we can play our part by realizing projects, relating to the world and attempting to get in touch with the other. That is amazing.

In the coming years we will continue to enter the unknown beyond existing structures, to support and realize work that is cross-disciplinary, and engage in feeding a healthy and flourishing eco-system of dance and performance.

In this respect we are happy with the support for the plans of our partners VEEM House and Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, but very sad that NeverLike and TILT, as many other companies, will not receive the support they deserve according to their positive reviews. And we are completely surprised and shocked that such an important player for the independent scene, BAU platform for dance and performance, is now endangered! The Amsterdam scene of dance and performance needs connective tissue. We will continue to fight for this in the coming years.

To the future!