8: METAMORPHOSIS is a dance opera, it's location theatre within the confines of the theatre hall, it's an experience. Inspired by M.C. Escher, Ovid and the music of Henry Purcell, Nicole Beutler will create a musical theatre performance according to her own laws: theatre for all sensed, celebrating the power of change. Song, dance and percussion are inseperably intertwined in this production, propelling each other to greater heights within a continuously changing stream of images. In this contemporary opera for body and voice you will find yourself part of a kaleidoscopic universe that, not unlike the works of Escher, will turn your perspective on its head.

Following up on the success of her last musical theatre production DIDO DIDO, Beutler will once again focus on a piece by baroque composer Henry Purcell. This time she chose to work with the captivating 'Cold Song' from King Arthur. This song about a winter spirit who would rather stay frozen, reminds us of our own resistance to change. Electronic composer Gary Shepherd, virtuoso percussionist Frank Rosaly and the singers will together transform this radical composition into an organically evolving musical explosion.

Equipped with a completely male cast of eight dancers and singers, 8: METAMORPHOSIS is searching for a way to liberate the spirit and discover the endless possibilities of the unknown. Structures will be broken in order to give room to the inevitable new perspectives. A transformative trip that will be like looking in a mirror.

Concept, direction, choreography: Nicole Beutler
Music: Gary Shepherd
Percussion: Frank Rosaly
Performers and co-creators: Felix Schellekens, Dominik Kramer, Arnout Lems, Sebastian Pickering, Rob Polmann, Tiemo Tembuyser, e.a.
Light design: Minna Tiikkainen
Costumes: Jessica Helbach
Scenography: Julian Maiwald
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic
Artistic assistant: Justa ter Haar
Dramaturgic advice: Fabienne Vegt
Musical theatre coach: Paul Koek (Veenfabriek)
Répétiteur / understudy / tour manager: João Dinis Pinho
Light technique: Manuel Boutreur
Audio technique: Miguel Rodriguez
Production: Nicole Beutler Projects
Coproduction: Operadagen Rotterdam, Dampfzentrale Bern

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
Operadagen Rotterdam Operadagen Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
Operadagen Rotterdam Operadagen Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)