Genevieve Murphy: The One I Feed

Inspired by the concept of self-destruction, “The One I Feed” sketches a portrait of the conflict and the uncertainty in a destructive mind. The attractiveness of this destructive voice and the euphoria it creates in oneself when feeding it, results in something far too complicated to give up.

Concept, Composer, Scenographer & Director: Genevieve Murphy
Musicians/Performers: Pieternel Berkers, Renée Bekkers (TOEAC) and Genevieve Murphy
Dramaturge: Nienke Scholts
Commissioned by: November Music
Co-Produced by: Standplaats Utrecht and Nicole Beutler Projects
Supported by: Fonds Podium Kunsten NL
Lighting Advisor: Jan Fedinger
Technical and Scenography Advisor: Doan Hendriks
Technician: HP Hulscher
Photograph (above): Julian Hetzel

Coming years composer Genevieve Murphy will be creating performances as an associated artist to Nicole Beutler Projects, as part of the Nieuwe Makersregeling of the Fonds Podiumkunsten. There is a kinship between Murphy and Beutler, in the way that they both combine composition and performance in their works. Nicole Beutler's choreographies are compositions of image, sound and movement alike. Music and sound are among the most important signifiers in her pieces. Whereas Beutler's work always takes the body and its movement as a starting point, Murphy's work mostly derives from her own musical compositions. Nicole Beutler will be coaching Genevieve Murphy in developing her work as a performer and a performance maker.