6: The Square

6: THE SQUARE is a cry for freedom

from: De PIT 24/05/2016

It's friday evening. With a beer, I'm sitting in the 'Festival Heart' of SPRING, the lobby of the Stadsschouwburg. I am going to the premiere of 6: THE SQUARE. I do not have any prior knowledge of what I am about to see, and browsing through the program doesn't seem to clarify much: "In a festive ritual, eight dancers and one actress lead you through an impalpable landscape of possibilities." Choreographer Nicole Beutler explores 'the possible meanings of the square in our society.' Aha.

Still the description makes me curious, because it sounds tough and abstract. I immagine an experimental dance in which music and theatre come together, a little bit provoking I hope. And yes, the performance turns out to be a cry for freedom, an explosion of a desire for chaos. Guided by hard pounding electronical music, the beautiful young dancers pull the audience in their strictly rhythmical world. I want more!

© Nina Gribling