Breathtaking DIDO DIDO captivates your soul

from: Musicalnieuws.nl, 10 nov 2017 ★★★★★

Don't deny yourself what may well be the most beautiful piece you'll ever see. Allow yourself that. That feeling of wishing it will never stop. Because it has soul. Because it touches your soul. Because it's a coiling seething soothing confounding moving intensely magnificent gratifying breath of air.


A raw but enchanting, fierce but oh so precious history, desperate and clinging to life, with words, music, instruments, people and a puppet. It touches deeper layers, it is so intense, so much to look at, to feel, to experience. So beautiful.


Never before has the turmoil of someone contemplating suicide been presented so compassionately. A dance that pries its way into your soul and rings out: this is beauty, this is love. And a dance that tries to brush that aside and exclaims: this is despair, this is darkness, this is the path to oblivion.


A dying puppet, a dying person, an audience that holds its breath. Breath and soul are riveted together and yearn for love, a counterpoint. The release comes in the form of the next section from the opera. And it is sung so terrifically well that for an instant you imagine yourself out of this world. And can only think: may this never end. The story becomes the world; for a moment, there's nothing outside of it. This is so intensely well done, epically beautiful, surreally magnificent.

(...) "I can actually hardly believe that the people performing this just go out shopping in the daytime", someone remarked. Precisely so. And so go. And go again. To lock it inside your heart and keep it as one of the finest memories that theatre can offer.

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