6: The Square

It is an intelligent mix of events ***

from: Theaterkrant ***, 21/10/2016

“6: The Square contains some beautifully executed scenes. The opening dance is one of them. Sometimes it has the effect of a Mondriaan painting, but then one in which the lines are not set, but slide forward in direct angles. The movements are consistently tightly executed.
The linework is once more beautifully developed in a part in which the dancers, now dressed in various ‘ethnic’ outfits, in fixed duos, explore and exceed the lines of the square floor. The duos have been matched in a visually pleasing way in terms of length, outfit and style of movement (…).
It is an intelligent mix of events, there is always a movement to follow. It is mostly a lot of counting and uniformity. This uniformity also marks significant shares of the other dance scenes. Yes, it is part of this investigation into the tension between the perfection that mankind strives for and the failure of how mankind is in reality (…)”

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