A passionate, exalted speech by American dancer Kelly Hirina

from: We Are Public 24/07/2014

On the edge of the stage stands a naked woman on red high heels, a pink headdress in her hand and a thin white robe over her shoulders. She starts talking, static, emphatically and pride. The clean lines of her muscular body absorb harsh shadows in the spotlight. The passionate, exalted speech by American dancer Kelly Hirina turns into manic movements reminiscent of the heydays of performance art in the 70s. The circle represents in this an anchor point where Hirina steps in or out. As in many of her works choreographer Nicole Beutler (DE, 1969) centralizes her dancers around a geometrical shape in 5: ECHO. In the choreography for six dancers following Hirina's solo the point and circle are also emphasized in a feverish echo.

Beutler made ​​this work inspired by two iconic moments in the history of dance: Vermilioen (1978) by Bianca van Dillen and the work of Koert Stuyf and Ellen Edinoff that stirred things up between 1963-1974. 5: ECHO is thus a celebration of the history of dance, and enters into a dialogue with it. Beutler's choreography is not a reworking nor a reinterpretation of these moments, but uses them as soil for its kaleidoscopic lines of dancers and shapes.

© Judith Vrancken