Genevieve Murphy: Something In This Universe

A perfect mess

from: Theaterkrant, 23 mei 2018, Caroline Verduijn ★★★★

"How neat and meticulous should you be to reach perfection? What is perfection anyway? Where is the turningpoint between perfection and madness? (...) [Genevevieve Murphy] makes your wildest childhood dreams come true and at the same time cringe with frustration."

"Her actions give satisfaction in two ways: on the one hand there's the teabags hanging at a precise distance from each other, and the cartons of cornflower neatly in a row. On the other hand there's the satisfaction of when the opposite happens: the kitchen cabinet in the middle from which crumbs poor all over Genevieve's head."

"That emotion is the driving force of Murphy's performance. It seem as if two opposite powers join forces, but Murphy shows how both sides are obsessive and extremely liberating at the same time. There is but a small different between madness and control, a line easily crossed."

"Of course the performance carries the tragic note of somebody who is just hardly coping with life. But this is a tragedy that Murphy, in this moment and time, in her kitchen, seems to want to celebrate, regardless of what it would mean in a real life. Because it's such a wonderful feeling of catharsis when the popcorn pops out of the pan, the dishwasher full of plates starts to overflow, the discofridge opens and the sink almost overflows."

"It's very tempting to end this piece by saying: I'm glad I don't have to clean up! However, after Murphy OCD-ish performance you almost want to drop down on you knees to feel the satisfaction of scrubbing the floor. That's how empathic her performance was."

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