An hour-long performance of Purcell's most famous aria

from: NRC, 9 nov 2017, Joep Stapel ★★★

Dido Dido is an extractively pure theatre of body, voice and breath that captivates the attention with a strong rhythm and beautiful finds.


It starts off already with a brilliantly developed recitation relay, in which six characters declaim individual words in alternation, faster and faster, and then collectively, after which the buzzing itself becomes a rhythm moving in and out of sync. At precisely the right moment you are enthralled by a hummed version of the aria.


Every one of the performers sings, moves and performs the music magnificently and with a pleasing disregard for the boundaries of genre. The percussive solo by Raphaela Danksagmüller on the Slovak overtone flute fujara is especially charming. And at the end, Purcell turns up briefly after all, in the form of the final chorus of Dido and Aeneas: after Dido's solitary death there's comfort to be found in heart-warming harmony.

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