Invigorating deconstruction of the most melancholy baroque aria

from: Theaterkrant.nl, 10 nov 2017, Max Arian ★★★★

It is such a well-loved piece of music, that it challenges artists to do something special with it. That is indeed also the danger. Romain Bischoff, music director of the eccentric opera ensemble Silbersee, and director and choreographer Nicole Beutler have lived up to that challenge, successfully.


The puppet designed by Ulrike Quade in the Japanese tradition of bunraku moves endearingly, curious and humanlike. One of the men takes her in his arms and dances around with her seemingly endlessly, tender and still.


Here, Purcell provided inspiration for modern sounds in a universal context. Humankind's original sorrow of being loved, then being left is deepened further by the presence and movements of the puppet.


The makers have a powerful final effect in store for us yet. (...) Very very beautiful.

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