from: NRC Handelsblad 13/8/2015

Theatrefestival de Parade, a group of one-day-nomads that settles down here and there in the summer, has such a nice ambience that a part of the audience doesn't even see the inside of one of the theatre tents. But they are mistaking.

You are allowed to play it safe, but for the real festival kick I have to take a chance and leap Into the Big Unknown. I find myself in a non ventilated tent. I hold my breath, I feel (they begin pantomiming a badminton match) like I am being pushed into a rabbit burrow, upside down. But then.

I am enchanted by four strong dancers in a great choreography, because it shows who we are (our smartphones) and it searches for what amazes us (our ego's). Pounding, wiggling, making an impression. Being lost. This is a creation by Nicole Beutler. I will keep track of her name from now on. And then I will remember that she stood out in a tent, on a festival.

© Joyce Roodnat