Questions and doubts of young women.

from: Theaterkrant, 23 februari 2018, Ayden Dijkstra ★★★

In Role Model, DOX and NBprojects demonstrate the power of the individual within a group. With martial arts, vogue, hip hop, house, rap and song, six different women, different bodies, colours, hairstyles and characters show how being different is a force that only you control.

In an organic flow, a different dancer takes the lead every time. Like a role model who takes care that a different girl dares to take the lead. An interesting and powerful beginning with sheer endless repetition set in a minimal and almost futuristic scenery replete with silver foil.

Role Model by directors Nicole Beutler and Magne van den Berg in collaboration with DOX paints an agreeable image of empowerment in the guise of an energetic, interesting and at times strong performance about the questions and doubts that (young) women face.