A dance film for Oerol Festival

Especially for Oerol's 2020 digital festival The Imaginary Island, choreographer Nicole Beutler presents the the poetic dance film STILL LIFE ON THE ISLAND. Thirteen dancers with 26 wooden rings, pay tribute to the forces of nature and a slower pace. Their exact movements evoke images of the rising sun and the crescent moon. Planets circling around each other that will never touch. In dialogue with the wind and the tides on the beach of West-Terschelling, STILL LIFE ON THE ISLAND creates space for beauty, solace and and a new healing balance. A meditative ritual about togetherness at a distance, about connection with each other and the natural habitat surrounding us.

STILL LIFE ON THE ISLAND is an adaptation of one scene from Beutler's dance duet 4: STILL LIFE into a group manifestation for the public space. This meticulous micro-spectacle is inspired by the Reifentanz (1927), a ring dance by Bauhaus choreographer Oskar Schlemmer. As in the Bauhaus dances of the early 20th century, STILL LIFE ON THE ISLAND is all about the interplay of light, rings, shadows and the performer's creative agency within their environment.

Watch the film here.

For people with a visual impairment, there is also a version with audio transcription, in Dutch.
Watch it here

Watch the item about STILL LIFE ON THE ISLAND on 'Opium op Oerol' here >>

Concept & choreography: Nicole Beutler
Video director & videography: Claire Bontje
Performers: Marjolein Vogels, Tomislav Feller, Klara Alexova, Daniel Barkan, Inez Almeida, Eva Villanueva, Christian Guerematchi, Rob Polmann, Hillary Blake Firestone, Patrick Schmatzer, Djinti Sullivan, Lucia Fernandez, Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez
Muziek: Gary Shepherd
Artistic Assistant: Justa ter Haar
Production Manager: Floor Cremers
Répétiteur: Marjolein Vogels
Producer: Nicole Beutler Projects
With thanks to: Oerol Festival

premiere 19 June 2020
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