Nicole Beutler Projects realises performances and initiatives by the choreographic theatre artist and artistic director Nicole Beutler. We make interdisciplinary, visual work for both large and small venues in the Netherlands and beyond.

Our projects are driven by the desire for a better society. All Nicole Beutler’s activities are an invitation to reflect critically on human existence. “It is my responsibility as an artist to open new spaces in our thinking, both societally and artistically. Together we can change the world.”

Nicole Beutler Projects works to promote a healthy, flourishing and diverse ecosystem for innovative dance and performance by supporting new makers and initiating activities to strengthen the scene.

We approach our work from a philosophy of non-hierarchical cooperation, slow production, long-term vision, and concern for the whole person and the planet. Quality, care and attention are the core values on which Nicole Beutler Projects founds a diverse and inclusive company.


Nicole Beutler (born Munich, 1969) has a background in the visual arts and German literature, and studied choreography at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. Over the past twenty years, Beutler has made her mark on the Dutch performing arts with her unique approach to performance. Since 2009, she has been the artistic director of her own company, Nicole Beutler Projects. Her work has won awards including the VSCD Mime Prize(2009) and the Dioraphte Prize (2014), and has received many other nominations. In 2018, Beutler was awarded the Gieskes-Strijbis Podiumprijs for her oeuvre.

In the course of her career, Beutler has made the body speak in many ways: in relation to a wide variety dance forms, to opera, urban arts, live and recorded music, text-based theatre, puppetry and visual art. As an artist, she thinks beyond genre and makes theatre as a Gesamtkunstwerk; the form and content of every element – movement, word, space, light, sound, costume – are carefully considered in relation to each other and to the audience. With her curious gaze, Beutler constantly incorporates new influences into her work and thus stretches the boundaries of what constitutes dance. The performances are based on universal, topical themes that concern us all. Beutler’s mission is to translate the human condition into a visual language that enables the audience to reflect. She always goes in search of the essence, simplicity and clarity.

Nicole Beutler Projects receives structural funding by the Performing Arts Fund NL and by the city of Amsterdam.

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Wendy Veerman (Policy advisor 'Raad voor Cultuur', president)
Martine Dekker (Director Cinedans Festival)
Quirijn Bongaerts (Lawyer at Bynkershoek)
Nastaran Razawi Khorasan (Theatre performer)

Our foundation has the ANBI status.

Statutory name: stichting nb

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The foundation's aim: to enrich culture through development and research with regard to theatre, encounters and dialogue between artists from different disciplines and everything that stands in relation to this or is beneficial.

Remuneration policy according to the CAO of the Dutch dance sector. The board works in a honorary context.

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